The Heartbeat of Aska

The Aska Adventure Area is home to the Toccoa River, countless of Hiking Trails and loads of family fun!

Aska – Derived from the Cherokee word ‘Asi’ meaning ‘winter house’

The Aska Adventure Area is located just a short distance out of the city of Blue Ridge, it is a must for all visitors. Not only is it abundant with wildlife and vegetation, but it is a visual feast with all its creeks, mountain views and amazing sounds. It is also home to some very friendly mom and pop businesses, who will do everything to make your stay here as memorable as possible.

Aska Adventure Area | Flat Creek Loop 3

The best hiking and biking trails.

The best that Blue Ridge has to offer can be found here in the Aska Adventure Area. Be one with nature – enjoy a relaxing hike. Take a deep breath – inhale our fresh air. Drink our amazing tap water. Unwind and forget your phone, iPad or computer. Open your ears to the sounds of nature – leave the noise behind! Let your eyes enjoy the ever changing scenery.

Also, treat this area with kindness – enjoy it, live it, be part of it but leave no tracks.

We try to introduce the Aska Adventure Area through these pages. The interactive map will help you locating areas of interest, be it hiking trails, river activities, aska adventure area tubing, kayaking, food or some interesting little destinations, We constantly edit these pages and add interesting facts, history and folklore. Please visit us often, and please share a page if you feel it is of interest,

If you have anything to add or you would like us to address something that is of interest and we missed, please let us know.

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